About Us

Fresh and Safe Agro Ltd. (FASAL)

Conscious citizen and the government both are equally anxious as there is an inadequacy of pesticide free fruits & vegetables which are safe for human health. FASAL (Fresh and Safe Agro Ltd.) is a safe fruits & vegetables production and marketing company for home and abroad.

FASAL is dedicated in providing customers with safe and healthy agricultural food in top quality and competitive price with great and efficient retail services. The well-chosen local fruits and vegetable is going to win a massive markets and a lot of health conscious consumers. Fresh and Safe Agro Ltd. (FASAL) is one of the largest initiatives to produce fruits and vegetables in Bangladesh while targeting to become a world-famous fruits and vegetables company.

FASAL is offering fresh fruits & vegetables that are produced by trained farmers at own farms and by our network of contract growers. Handpicked fruits & vegetables are washed using safe water to eliminate soil and dirt, sorted to make it free from rotten and decayed ends, graded to different sizes, shapes, weights, processed and packed at our pack house with environment friendly packing materials to keep them fresh and safe.

FASAL fruits & vegetables are grown under safe conditions following global standards like Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). We have started to work as a bridge so that the consumers may get fresh and safe fruits & vegetables directly and to ensure that farmers should get fair price of their produces. Read More >>